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Ferguson Protesters Shuts down Shopping Mall

Ferguson Protesters Shuts down Shopping Mall


One of the St. Louis area‘s most popular shopping malls was temporarily closed Black Friday when people protesting the grand jury decision in the Michael Brown case marched into the Galleria and lay down on the third floor.

More than 100 protesters marched through the busy mall, chanting “black lives matter” and “stop don’t shoot” and urging shoppers to skip shopping to show solidarity with their cause. Protesters also had converged briefly on the mall Wednesday and left peacefully.

Police were on hand Friday in expectation of the protesters. Shoppers were asked to leave.

“This is no longer a protest, it’s an uprising,” said Kymone Freeman, who wore a plastic pig snout while he led the protesters through the mall.

Shoppers and mall employees stopped to watch the protesters and some shops — including Kids Foot Locker and Hallmark — closed their security gates after the protest began around lunchtime.

Some mall workers cheered as the protesters walked by their shops. Two off-the-clock Macy’s employees still in their smocks even briefly joined the marchers, enthusiastically chanting ” no justice, no peace” before returning to the department store.

One of the Macy’s employees said she didn’t fear being reprimanded or losing her job.

“I don’t care if they try to fire me,” said Lisa Jones, who lives in Ferguson. “I got the right to speak.”

Cbabi Bayoc, of St. Louis, brought his three children to take part in the demonstration.

“I brought my kids to show them what peaceful protest and engagement looks like,” he said.

Another group of protesters also marched through the mall on Wednesday evening.


November 29th, 2014

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