DJ’s Turntables gets Steps on When He Played Diddy’s Music

One unknowing DJ almost learned the hard way, that you don’t spin Puff Daddy records in the presence of 50 Cent, especially while he’s on stage. Earlier this week video surfaced of the G-Unit boss rocking the mic before putting a halt to his performance when Diddy’s “I Get Money” remix verse began to play.

“Turn that s**t off!” 50 demanded as he stared his counterpart down and waited for the song to switch. The show would resume with an exchange of smiles, shortly after that, but not before 50 stepped on the DJ’s equipment to let him know he wasn’t playing.

Fitty has been trolling Puffy for some time now, shading him during interviews and mocking him on Instagram once every so often. Last week he took advantage of a leaked audio of Future allegedly calling Puff an “old a** b***h,” when he recorded himself reciting along with the remark. Some weeks back he took a shot at his nemesis during an appearance in Arizona, challenging fans at a Scottsdale club to name a Diddy hit that has come out within recent memory


September 6th, 2016

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