young M A diss

young M A diss

What the hell? Did Young MA get laid out flat from this other emcee Mulann Milla? Now, I try not to encourage this sort of attention, but it is the Hip-Hop way. Diss somebody with a name and then get a name yourself. This women Milla is probably a lesbian rapper. Who am I fooling? She is a lesbian that raps and feels like Young MA stole her swagger wagon. But, this is nothing new if you have been reading the rumors.



What is interesting is that she claims she knocked M.A. out, which we can’t see happening. Young M.A. is the new queen of the streets. Is this BS or real squabble worthy stuff? I don’t know. But, if you look at the video, it seems like it was over a girl.


December 7th, 2016

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