Colin Kaepernick gets support from Snoop Dogg

Colin Kaepernick gets support from Snoop Dogg

Since refusing to stand for the American National Anthem during an NFL game last year, quarterback Colin Kaepernick has been reviled and applauded in almost equal measure. Players like Aaron Rodgers support Kaep’s cause, unequivocally stating that a team should pick him up and add him to their roster. Cam newton  In my opinion, do I think Kaepernick is better than some of these starting quarterbacks in this league? Absolutely,” he said. “Should he be on a roster in my opinion? Absolutely. There’s no question about it.“Is he good enough to be on a roster? Is he good enough to be a starting quarterback? Absolutely.”Of course, Kaepernick isn’t, and most active players would likely agree with that. And even if he got onto a roster now, it would be harder for him succeed having missed the entire offseason and preseason, which will only make it easier for those who insist it’s because of football to justify their hypothetical stances.

Snoop Dogg had an appearance on ESPN’s First Take and wasted no time voicing his opinion on the whole Kaepernick debate.  Snoop was definitely spreading a message of peace with his answer. “What did he do so bad?” asked Snoop. “I seen players in the league that … I ain’t even gonna say what they did. Y’all know what they did. But it wasn’t worse than what he did,” he added. He continued by described Kaepernick’s method of protesting in a peaceful manner something that people should be focusing on more. “He peacefully protested – the word is ‘peacefully.’ I’ve seen some protests in Charlottesville that wasn’t peaceful […]



September 12th, 2017

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